Philosophy of Human Resources

My philosophy of Human Resources mirrors the philosophy of my life.

You are your habits.

Philosophies and mission statements are words.  Habits are who we are as people, and who we become as institutions.  This one philosophy keeps me authentic so I don’t feel fake or insincere at work.

  • If we say clients are important, yet don’t make decisions that benefit them, we have a habit of making choices that are easy for the company.  Sometimes we only have tough choices, and we must pick the best one.
  • If we say the company is important, yet routinely fail to see what changes need to be made to make it successful, we are living in theory.   Success requires adaptability.
  • If we say teammates are important, yet fail to take the best interests of the team into consideration, we are making it a habit to ask for conformity.   It is critical to listen, understand and take action.
  • And lastly, in the really hard decisions with teammates, when something doesn’t work and cannot be fixed, we must make respect a habit.  If not, we perpetuate a habit of labeling a person rather than a skill set, or a set of behaviors that do not compliment a group or a task.  When we make respect a habit, everyone wins, our work and personal lives align, and we live what we believe.