Favorite Tools

My favorite HR tool is curiosity.  Successful HR professionals want to understand why.

Why does that (process, technology) help people do better?  Why did they behave that way?  Why does that motivate them?  Why did they make that choice?

We can have the most sophisticated, user-friendly tools on the market, but if teammates do not understand how and why they help, the tool is useless.  Understanding how a tool is useful, creates enough interest in the teammate to “play” with the system.  Introductory training gives confidence that they cannot “break” it.  This powerful combination takes the user beyond surface-level interaction, and yields the desired productivity results.

Personally, I enjoy databases that provide analytical tracking because I love to tell stories woven with numbers.  They are compelling, factual and solution-oriented.

Systems experience includes Workday, Taleo, Avature, Peoplesoft, Oracle Business Intelligence, Jobs2Web, Sharepoint, Microsoft and Apple office suites, WordPress.