Cultural Fit

I feel fortunate to have a wide variety of professional experiences including:

  • running a small but expanding franchise office and seeing the budget go from red to black
  • working remotely and managing a team of remote colleagues
  • working in union and non-union environments, private companies and publicly-traded, Fortune 500 corporations
  • working in large corporate headquarters and working in field offices
  • working for international companies and conducting business in Canada, Latin America, Europe, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, and traveling to several of these locations
  • industry knowledge that includes financial services, consumer goods, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, six sigma/change management, human resources, legal and consulting
  • talent acquisition, talent management, leadership coaching, on-boarding
  • supporting executives, sales teams and functional teams

Afer experiencing such a wide variety of cultures, it was clear to me what the most important cultural elements are when I consider a new position.

  • Fast-paced and innovative:  I love moving fast, changing gears and finding a new road.  I love trying new technology and learning new things.
  • Engaging and collaborative:  Working with teammates across disciplines, making all our work better for our different contributions.  I prefer diverse environments and love to collaborate with people in other countries when possible.  I love what I do, and I love to work with partners who feel the same way.
  • Integrity and flexibility:  We do what we say we will do, but we are flexible to try new methods, technology and processes.